Bulk Discounts

Many of our customers prefer buying in bulk for convenience and savings.

What we offer.

On our razor and refill blade pages, you will find everyday low prices on individual packs.  You will also find even greater savings on a per pack basis on our bulk packs.  In fact, most of our bulk packs are discounted 15-35% off a single pack price when compared to your local retail store.  Plus, standard shipping is FREE on all bulk packs. 

This convenient way to shop for razors allows our customers to save time and money.  No more trips to the store because you are out of razors and need a shave! 

Why buy in bulk?

Do the Math!  The next time you go to your local retail store, look at the price on your favorite pack of razors and then divide this price by the number of blades in the pack.  This is your price per blade.  For instance, if a 4 pack of blades cost $12.00, your cost per blade would be $3.00 each.

So why is cost per blade important?  This is how much you are really paying per razor and allows you to compare prices.  So then all you need to do is compare the price per blade you found at your local store to our price per blade.  You will instantly see how much you could save by buying in bulk from us. 

We estimate that a person who shaves 4-5 times a week can save $50 or more per year by purchasing one of our bulk packs, which usually come sized in convenient half or full year supplies.

Want to purchase even larger quantities?

Some customers would like to purchase even larger quantities than what is offered in our online store.  This is especially true for some of our commercial customers such as barber shops, research labs, industrial facilities, etc. who use a lot of razors.  If your have a bulk purchase request, please use the Contact Us page to send us your inquiry.

Let us help.

If you have any questions about our bulk discount offers or would like further information, please use the Contact Us page.