Parker 91R Heavyweight 3 Piece Safety Razor

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This is a genuine Parker Safety Razor and the newest of the Parker models. This particular razor is extremely heavy in the hand and has a non-slip handle. It is a traditional 3 piece safety razor with modern flare and styling, but old world quality! It is an excellent razor for those that are have been looking for a high quality heavy weight razor for a close shave! This razor has been receiving rave reviews on many of the Shaving Forums recently. This is a premium quality razor that is both beautiful and functional! Properly cared for, it will last a life time. Quality never goes out of style! See for yourself why this razor is a must for the Double Edge Shaving enthausiast in persuit of a Barbershop Shave!   Couple these with premium quality double edge blades and you have an outstanding combination that can't be beat!
All Brass Frame with Nickel/Chrome Finish!
Heavy Weight - 3.0 Ounces!

3 Piece, Screw off Head design holds blade securely!

A genuine Parker Safety Razor product!