Shaving Brush and Safety Razor Stand by Shave Classic, Stainless Steel Black & Chrome SST-26

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Fits most brush and razor models. PLEASE NOTE: Although it fits almost all razors and brushes, it cannot possibly fit every type of razor and brush. PLEASE MEASURE YOUR BRUSH AND RAZOR BEFORE PURCHASING. 

The Most Stylish & Convenient Shaving Razor/Brush Stand for every gentleman! The Shave Classic stand is both masculine and elegant, fits perfectly in any bathroom and will provides great company for your razor and shaving brush. The stand is expertly designed to hold all of your shaving accessories as special slots on both sides keep the shaving brush and the razor suspended. 

This stand provides ideal conditions for storing the contents of your shaving kit. With a classy and stylish look, the stand is an excellent addition to the interior of the bathroom, so it can be proudly displayed rather than hid away in the cabinet.