Parker 22R Double Edge Butterfly Safety Razor

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Fabulous Styling - Long Handle - HeavyWeight 2.8 ounces!

Enjoy the comfort and closeness of a shave with the PARKER 22R Double Edge SAFETY RAZOR. While the PARKER 22R's styling is contemporary, this razor has the classic TTO ("twist to open") design. This razor has a 4 inch long handle. (In comparison the the 3 inch handle which is most common on older safety razor models). Hot off the new production line, this model is now 2.9 ounces!!! When the handle of the razor is twisted, the top opens like a butterfly exposing the compartment where the blade is inserted. The razor is made of brass and is Nickel plated with a Gunmetal finsh. Many of us still prefer these Double Edge Razors to the double and triple edge razors which are sold today. If you are looking for a quality Safety Razor and blades, this offering will more than please!