Parker 90R - Long Handle Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety Razor

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The PARKER 90R is a contemporary razor that retains the classic TTO ("twist to open") design. This razor has a 4 inch long handle for extra stabilty (In comparison the the 3 inch handle which is most common on older safety razor models). When the handle of this razor is twisted, the top opens like a butterfly exposing the compartment where the blade is inserted. The razor body is made of brass and is Nickel plated.   Many of us use a Double Edge Safety Razor every day. We believe they give the best shave -- bar none.  There is good reason why many prefer these Double Edge Razors to the double and triple edge razors which are sold today. If you are looking for a new and usable Safety Razor and blades, this product will more than please!

Long 4 inch handle for stability and ease of shaving

Brass Frame - Nickel Plated

Delivers a very smooth & comfortable shave.

Classic Twist-To-Open Butterfly Design with a Modern Flare

Enjoy a Barbershop Shave at Home!